Natural Home Remedies For Joint Pain Relief


Feeling some pain in your joint could be very agonizing. Although it is not the kind of pain that tells a person he or she is going to die, it’s the kind of pain that many sufferers say they’d rather die than experience a second time. The statement may be quite an exaggeration, but if you were the one suffering from such severe pain in your bones, you would probably be able to say just the same.

Joint pains may be caused by several factors, therefore a uniform joint pain relief may not be applicable to all of them. Arthritis is the most usual reason for joint pains though. Many people who experience this kind of pain for the first time tend to blame aging and think they are already suffering from arthritis. This may be true to some, but definitely not to everyone.

Aside from arthritis, a certain joint pain may also be caused by some injuries or medical conditions. It may also be due to bursitis. It is the inflammation of the bursae – the fluid-filled sacs that pad and cushion bony parts. They allow free movement of the tendons and muscles over the bone. When these sacs swell, the joints feel the pain.

There are medications you can buy from the drugstore or ask your doctor to administer to you to alleviate pains in the joints. However, there are home remedies too that can offer joint pain relief. They are not only cheap, they are effective as well. Some of them are even more effective than commercial drugs. Below is a list of home treatments for painful joints:

Warm Bath –

Warm water is highly soothing to painful joints. It also helps the muscles to relax and facilitates good blood flow.

Oil –

Any oil may help in giving an instant joint pain relief. Apply some on the affected area and massage it lightly. This will bring relief to your aching bones. However, if you are experiencing joint pains due to gout, massaging is not a good option. People who have gout arthritis say that massaging the affected area makes the pain worse. Just to play safe, simply put some oil on it and leave it as that.


Eat garlic cloves that were fried in butter.

Turmeric powder –

Take half a teaspoon of turmeric powder. Mix it with warm water and apply it three times a day.

Bananas –

Among all fruits, bananas are known to be the best for your joints because they provide them strength. They say that bananas even grease them.

Exercise —

When you exercise, you also increase the flexibility of your joints and your bones. When experiencing joint pains, water exercise may be a great remedy. It can reduce the pain and improve your flexibility without needing to exert too much effort since the water helps you carry your body weight.

Camphor rub –

Mix one teaspoon of camphor oil to one teaspoon of sunflower oil. Massage the affected area. This will provide you with calming warmth that helps in lessening your pain.

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