Title: Earning with “AA” ~ No, I am not talking about Alcoholics Anonomous either ~ Adsense vs. Affiliate Marketing, Fact or Fiction?

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Learning to create wealth within the online environment. Fact or Fiction? Can it be done? Follow me for success!

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Ok, so you have a tight budget and no money, no product, really no business whatsoever, but you want to start earning a living online. The two easiest and profitable ways to start earning a good source of income is with AA and I am not talking about Alcoholics Anonomous either! With Google Adsense, you can literally start earning and generating an income from day one if you set it up right.

The other avenue of generating income is through affiliate marketing. What is affiliate marketing? This is a form of referral marketing where you market for others and their products to earn a commission from them plus they give you a website to promote as well. What really makes this a fast homebased business opportunity so attractive is the fact that while selling other peoples products, you are earning the income to help create your own product or service plus your are able to grow a customer base as well if set up properly.

So the only upfront investment to use Adsense or to become an Affiliate will be your time well spent researching the products and getting keyword rich content for your site or on free blogs. Yep, you got it, you don’t even need a website to earn an income online.

S0, you ask yourself, “Where do I start?” My suggestion is to start with Adsense. Research the kind of “niche” or topic you would like to possibly investigate, whether it be something like “dog grooming” or even “baking and creating that perfect low fat meal”. Anyone hungry? The options are endless and there is money to be made, why not get a slice of that huge pie?

First things first… you need a website in order for Google to approve your account. I would suggest you create a generic blog at first and then you can edit it later! Or if you are web savy and have a website already you can use it. Affiliate site won’t work because they are not editable. After you have your web address for that blog, create your google account. In some cases, you can create an account right within the blog itself.

Ok, so, you have researched the area of interest. The next step is to write an article on your topic, then you would need to organize your wording to where you have a heading, a heading 2, along with the body. You will want to place 2-3 major keywords that you found a few times within your entire article spacing them accordingly, but not overdoing it. This will help with Search Engine Optimization as well, which will lead to more traffic. The more traffic, the better income you will make.

After you have your blog or website in place, you now have a website that you can distribute. Submit your article to as many article company’s as possible and be sure you add a resource box at the bottom about who you are, and your website address. This is where your traffic will come into play. Others will use your article in newsletters, emails, etc… talk about a snowball effect!

Ok, so you have your Adsense campaing up and running. You can then conscentrate with your affiliate makreting. You can also write articles about your affiliate site to generate traffic and sales by applying your Adsense website along with your Affiliate website within your resource box, therefore generating even more traffic. It is extremely possible to generate an income through Google Adsense without selling a single thing from your affiliate site!

For more information on getting started on setting up your business properly, I have a weekly newsletter with the basics from setting up a website (I can even do it for you) to publishing, to marketing. Please join me in helping others succeed in fighting the low wages of corporate america. nurturingnews@getresponse.com or you can visit my website http://www.nurturingenews.com that is full of free ideas.

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