Title: Google Assassin IS a SCAM

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The recent product of Chris McNeeny, Google Assassin, is totally a scam! Chris totally destroy his own reputation. Find out what’s better

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Day Job Killer?s author Chris McNeeny, kills himself by launching this ridiculous DJK Assassin and ditches mud to his reputation!

First of all, the title wasn?t even there to attract your attention just to show you an honest report and recommending Google Assassin in the end, because I hate it.

To begin with, Google Assassin is not even an original product. Google assassin is just a re – launch of the affiliate – den that has already been out for a while. And I don?t even think it was his own product. It was formally owned by Andrew Fox and it?s a piece of Andrew?s CB Affiliate Formula. It?s totally not a new product and not up-to-date tools either.

I?m not against “Black Hat” marketing as long as it?s moral and legal. I personally own Chris?s previous upstanding products like Adwords Miracle, Affiliate Project X, and Day Job Killer. All these products contained few exclusive marketing tips and strategies, and they are definitely worth its price tag. Only after reading Day job killer ( DJK ), that I realized that it?s possible to truly make decent money with the combination of the Amazon affiliate program and PPC.

DJK Assassin is good-for-nothing, meaningless, BS – CRAP. And Chris, who was considered a genius marketer after Adwords Miracle, is now a mumbo jumbo scammer! And this is what exactly happens, when a marketer completely gets obsessed with money.

In his sales letter, Chris shows you his $169K payday. Now listen to me carefully… He hasn?t made that much of money by selling affiliated products. He made the money by selling his own product ” Day Job Killer! ”

On the sales letter, it promised to ” auto create websites in 2 minutes “. I didn?t find one piece of software that automatically generated any type of website or landing page. It also said you get the ” DJK Blueprint Series “… Well after I paid my $67 a month payment, I then realize that I have to pay another $47 a month to get the DJK Blueprint series which was already promised on the sales letter.

Now let me get to the main issue. What is this Google Assassin?

Basically, you are getting membership to a site called AffilitesDen. com ( Later I heard that this membership site is a part of Andrew Fox?s CB Affiliate Formula – but I?m not sure ) This site contains some useful information about market research and creating PPC campaigns. It also has a funny tool called ” Adwords Ad Generator. ” To check this tool?s functionality, I entered ” Xbox ” in the field to get an ad suggestion. I got following result!

Loooking for xbox?
” Xbox Exposed ”
xbox Scam?

WOW! That?s funny – if you go with these suggestions; you are guaranteed to lose everything in PPC drainage!

Okay, now let me talk about other tools. Basically, you?ll get four Desktop softwares;

The Daddy
Adwords Micro Nicher
The Campaigner
And Article spotter.

Don?t use any of these tools even if you get it for free!
Well, it took me couple of weeks to actually grasp what these tools are supposed to achieve and how they work!

To shorten the length of this review I?m providing very short details for these tools.

Tool 1 – The Daddy Keywords Extractor ( or Daddy ):

This tool will help you to find highly profitable keywords for any given niche ( keyword ). It works by finding search volume and number of advertisers; Furthermore, give you assessment of profitable keywords. With this tool you can also locate most targeted adwords ad for the given keyword – so that you can copy it!

Normally this tools triggers spam results. For example if I search ” credit cards ” I get result for ” diet pills ” etc!

Tool 2 – Adwords Micro Nicher:

This is good for adwords content network targeting. This tool will aid you to locate ” content pages ” for any keywords in organic search results, which also contains prominent Adsense ads. You pay a lot less when you target content pages as the opposed search networks. Although this idea sounds good, the software has lots of bugs. I think manual research will give you more productive results.

Tool 3 – Campaign Kidnap Tool ( The Campaigner )

This is the hot tool of the year 2007. Currently there is close to a dozen tools related to ” Competition spy. ” The Campaign Kidnap allows you to find your competitor?s ads and keywords for their Google Adwords campaigns. You can even see which ads are running with which keywords. This allows you to either ” swipe ” the campaign with very few changes – or you can use it for competitive intelligence.

The downside of this tool is obviously, you can?t figure out if the campaign is really profitable. We don?t know if the campaign is running profitably for many days. To check if it?s a profitable campaign you have to save today?s result and check back after 2 – 3 days; if it?s still running you can assume that it?s profitable.

Tool 4 – Article Spotter

The Article Spotter tool uses other people?s article marketing efforts as a backdoor research strategy to help you find winning keywords to target.

Well, I can just find that out by searching my keyword in Google also. Takes 10 seconds to do it manually for FREE. I haven?t found any value in this tool… So let?s forget about it.

That?s the story about Google Assassin. I also got a bonus course for creating and marketing HOT info products. That?s a nice course… Chris definitely knows how to create BLAZING product and market with hyped sales letter and so!

Overall, IMO, it?s not worth $67 a month. There are plenty of tools that do the SAME exact thing for FREE. Not only that, but I believe it?s dishonest to promise something on the sales letter, and not deliver it… just another over hyped rehashed product. Spyfu. com is a great FREE tool that does more than affiliateden by itself.

I would recommend you Wealthy Affiliate University.

Wealthy Affiliate is an interactive marketing community that can help you become a success online. They have all the tools and resources necessary to turn you into a successful Internet marketer. The Wealthy Affiliate tools include case studies, guides, tutorials, keyword lists, turnkey websites, and many more.

The best part about joining the Wealthy Affiliate program is that you become an active part of a growing community, where you will be provided with advice from those people who have made Internet marketing their life.

Since you can only get their wise input by becoming a member of the Wealthy Affiliate community, you should know you?ll have to pay a monthly fee in the amount of $29.99 a month, but this is nothing compared to what you can earn during the first month after having registered with Wealthy Affiliate.

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