Title: One Day That Changed Every Day

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The story of how Jeremy Palmer became an Internet millionaire.

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Every day was the same. Wake up, go to work, come home, eat, go to bed, wake up, go to work, come home, eat, go to bed, wake up?.. You get the picture. This is how it was for Jeremy Palmer in 2003 but now he earns over a million dollars through affiliate schemes.

Bored and underpaid in his day job as a Web Developer he lived form pay-day to pay-day and dreamed of a better way to make a living. Not content with just dreaming he made several attempts to set up his own business. He ran his own e-commerce site and built websites for local businesses but never saw the breakthrough he yearned for.

Then one day at work he discovered affiliate marketing. The company he worked for had set up an affiliate scheme as part of their internet marketing strategy. Intrigued, but not fully understanding how it worked, he kept an eye on how the scheme progressed. A few months later he noticed that some of the company’s affiliates were earning thousands of dollars through the affiliate program. Astonished at their success and even more so when he realised that all they were doing was referring visitors from their website to his company’s website and being paid a commission when a purchase was made. He decided to find out more.

What he discovered changed his life.

He found that there were thousands of online merchants, including big names like Wal-Mart, Dell and Amazon that had an affiliate program. The affiliates didn’t have to buy anything, make anything, deliver anything, deal with customers or secure the transaction and merchants were paying the affiliates millions of dollars every month in commissions. This discovery persuaded him to try affiliate marketing for himself and within two months he was making more money from his affiliate websites than he was in his day job. Within six months he was making twice as much so he decided to quit his job and focus entirely on his affiliate business.

Within two years he was a millionaire!

He now runs over 100 affiliate websites promoting several advertisers in various different categories. He’s recognised in the affiliate marketing industry as a leader and advocate receiving accolades from Commission Junction including their 2005 award for innovation.

“Every day” has changed forever.

Anyone seriously wishing to enter the affiliate marketing business would do well to learn from him and indeed you can. He has written a 140 page guide which is immediately available at www.ebiz-info.co.uk.

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