Title: The Incredible Affiliate Marketing List Giveaway Technique

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Affiliate marketing is great. There are almost no downsides to it. Like I said, almost. The one problem you may have and may not even know about is easy to correct. When you promote an affiliate program, you?re probably giving your potential customers away to the owner of the program. You?re leaving a lot of money on the table that you could have made many times over. In this article, I?ll explain why and how to solve the problem forever, so you can keep the profits you deserve.

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You are probably leaving a lot of money on the table while promoting you affiliate program and don?t know it. Any big time affiliate marketing program owner who sees this article will be screaming, ?No!? at the top of their lungs. You on the other hand will be cheering, ?Yes!?

When you use and affiliate page or link, you are sending traffic to the owner of the program?s site. On the surface, that seems great. You send people to look at the product, opt-in, buy it, and get paid.
What could possibly be any better?

This is what could be a lot better. You could be the one getting what you just gave away, to market other products in the future or even now. What is it? It?s the name and email address of the person. That?s right, the information that you just gave away, is the most valuable thing you could have and you probably don?t know it.

That name and email address is worth everything to you. This is why. You could use it to send your promotional mailings to that person about anything you offer. If you don?t have it, you have no way to contact that person. However, the owner of the program you?re promoting does. You can bet that they will use it to send their offers out to people on the nice shinny list that you just helped them build. They are thanking you and, at the same time, laughing at you hysterically.

This is just one way solve the problem. Build a landing page that offers the program or service with your own opt-in box. If you don?t know how, learn how, because you?re loosing a fortune. Then you just take the affiliate link and place it in the section of the code that would go to your thank you page. So, after the visitor signs up to be on YOUR list, you are automatically sending that person to your affiliate page. Then you are getting the best of both worlds.

Can you think of one good reason to give your list of potential customers and profits away? Internet marketing gurus have big enough lists. Makes sure that you are building yours first. You wouldn?t leave $1,000,000 on a table in a city bar. At least I hope you wouldn?t!

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