Using Ebay?s Affiliate Program

Ebay offers plenty of ways to make money. Sellers can put items up for sale or even open their own virtual storefronts. But did you know that Ebay also has an affiliate program? You can sign up to be an Ebay affiliate and have the potential to earn lots of revenue just by driving traffic to Ebay.

Let?s say that you have a web site that gets thousands of hits each month. When you sign up with the Ebay affiliate program, you will be able to place links on your web site that lead back to Ebay. When users click these links, they are able to browse items for sale and even sign up for a seller account if they want to. For all sales and sign-ups that occur within one week of the user clicking on your affiliate links, you earn money. It?s that simple.

Signing up with Ebay?s affiliate program is easy. They have partnered with Commission Junction, an affiliate tracking service that offers real-time reporting and monthly commission checks. To join the program, you must first sign up with Commission Junction. Sign-up is quick and easy. When you?re finished, you will receive codes that you can place on your web site to start attracting customers and directing them to Ebay. And that?s where the money begins.

For every active registration that occurs through one of your affiliate links, you will receive $25-35. Ebay considers a registration to be active if a user places a bid within thirty days of registration. In addition, you will receive a commission of 50-75% on all winning bids or Buy It Nows within seven days of an affiliate action. That means users who click your affiliate link and make an Ebay purchase are putting 50-75% of that transaction?s revenue in your pocket. And all you did was put some code on your web site. What could be easier?

Ebay uses a tiered payment structure for determining commission rates. If you bring over 1-49 active accounts, you will earn a commission of $25 per account. 50-1,999 active accounts will earn you $28 per account. If you bring in 2,000-29,999 active accounts, each one will earn you a $31 commission. And for recruiting 30,000 or more new accounts, you will receive $35 per account. Those are generous terms for an affiliate program. The revenues system is similarly tiered. For every $0-$99 you generate, you will earn 50% commission. The amounts increase incrementally, up to 75% commission for revenue of $3 million and more.

Ebay?s affiliate program is painless for participants and easy to get involved in. Drive traffic to Ebay and get rewarded. Every little bit helps, right? To learn more about this affiliate program, visit



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